Our Mission

Exotic pet family – exoticpetfamily.com has been building a network of Wildlife specialists for over 10 years We deal with all kinds of pets and wildlife animals. Our website is a platform to showcase animals from breeders worldwide, animal rescue, Zoo, etc. 

NB: If you find your self on this website you might be asking your self a lot of questions, Yes you should because most of this animals here are illegal to own as a pet, some will require license and some will not. Some will be illegal in your country but in another country its not. For example. An Arowana Fish in the USA It Illegal to own as pet but in Asia its ok to own or keep an Arowana as a pet. 

If you are interested in any of the exotic pets and have doubts if its legal to own or not, contact us via WhatsApp Icon you see floating below, right side of your screen or email us via: contact@exoticpetfamily.com for information or assistance in getting the required license. 

A huge measure of our deals are returning clients and they reliably let us know; they love the administration they get, they love our costs and they love being important for the more extensive Exotic-Pets.co.uk people group. Kindly read our Customer Testimonials page to perceive what only a couple of our clients have said about us. We invest wholeheartedly realizing that our clients appreciate shopping with Exotic-Pets.co.uk, and as a group we continually endeavor to improve the administration we offer.
We have an abundance of involvement working legitimately with intriguing pets. Our group can manage you from buying your first reptile, land and water proficient or invertebrate; directly through to offering aftersales backing and offering guidance on wellbeing and cleanliness items, giving creature advancement and additionally sustenance. In contrast to a portion of our rivals, we are specialists and comprehend the need of giving great data and providing quality items.
As a set up business, we’ve shaped solid associations with our providers. This has empowered us to make reserve funds, which means we can give these reserve funds legitimately to our clients.
Not exclusively would you be able to make extraordinary reserve funds, we additionally part with Pet Points each time you request with us. Pet Points would then be able to be utilized as a rebate towards your next request, or you may want to spare them up and get a request for nothing!
On the off chance that you’d prefer to pay by charge or Visa, at that point you can do so safely by means of SagePay, on the other hand you can put orders through PayPal permitting you to utilize your PayPal balance. Our site presently utilizes a SSL encryption, this keeps anybody from listening in on any information being moved between the client and our web worker. While this is exceptionally far-fetched, it is continually soothing to realize that any information would be unrecognizable to them.